MTS Advanced Washing System:

• Management and operators totally committed to meeting customer requirements
• Fully trained operators
• High quality and attention to detail for every tank wash, not just a claim but a reality
• Huge capital investment
• Separate bays for food and industrial tanks
• Superior quality washing at competitive rates
• Tanks sealed after washing
• Steam Heating Facilities
• Livery Washing
• Internal hose and pump washing
• European Cleaning Document produced as requested by customer

Computer Controlled:

• Guarantees consistently reliable wash cycles
• Guarantees wash temperature
• Specific wash cycles programmed to exact customer requirements
• Complete traceablility

High Pressure:

• Removes residues
• Greatly reduces need for man in tank and decreases hidden wash charges
• Faster turnaround times
• Risk–free vehicle washing allows customer to utilise equipment to its maximum

Low Water Volume:

• Creates 50% less effluent than conventional wash systems
• Less strain on clean water resources
• More environmentally responsible
• All relevant permits and records are held and maintained

Filtered Air Drying:

• Cold or hot for thorough tank drying
• Filtered to EU 13 eliminating all dust


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